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About Us

What’s FET?

Where the Fitness become a human needs FET Academy create an innovation by syncing every single of music beat to activate and power up the energy inside us.
From the depth of knowledge and experiences in Fitness and Human Energy FET Academy light up all the body chakras with new and unique fitness programs, designed and created scientifically by high experienced masters who can transfers the positive energy to their students and make all chakras for them aligned and work to give them Love, Stability, Creativity, Power, Verbal expression, Intuition, Spiritual, and connection.


Extract the human energy to
motivate & move
the people


Spread the positive energy, fitness awareness, health and make the world happy place.


We are always here to support and bring the health, fit, joy, and happiness to the people around the world.

Executive Summary:

FET Academy is a leading Fitness academy, providing many fitness programs based on unique formulas in different countries worldwide. it’s founded and managed by Arabic youth who passionate and expert in fitness. We have tremendous experience in fitness instructor training including GX Instructor Training, Fitness Instructor Training, PT Instructor Training for all fitness level









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