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Grand Instructor Course LMS Access

د.إ 7,000.00



Thank you for choosing FET Academy, and welcome to the LMS education system, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

 In this diploma, you will study the personal trainer level four, the level of chief trainers (grand instructor) and the management of sports facilities

We will expand on explaining the methodology of the personal trainer in movement kinetics, biomechanics and anatomy, and applying it with cardio exercises, weights or resistance training, functional exercises and stretching

You will learn placing these exercises within the schedules in a well-studied training systems based on what has been studied in movement sciences, so that you will get the latest findings of sports studies and research.

Then we will study leadership plans in sports teams and clubs and manage them to the fullest, and learn to solve problems, organize means of work and distribute tasks among employees to obtain strong results that contribute to the success of the facility and increase financial income, in addition to expanding the study of the club structure protocol and interviewing and developing employees that we have studied  At level 3 and increase information in this area

Finally, we will study how to prepare players, fitness professionals, train coaches and prepare the training bag and training outputs for each of these departments in order to be leaders in the training industry and coaches.